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Top 3 Best Breast Pumps for Twins – 2018’s Moms Picks

Double the babies means double the cuddles, double the diapers and double the feedings.

It can seem overwhelming to think about breastfeeding twins, but nursing two babies is definitely possible.

You will need a breast pump, as there are times that you won’t be able to feed them both at the same time, It’s also likely that you’ll be away from your babies during feedings, and someone else will need to give them bottles.

Choosing the best breast pump for twins takes some effort, but knowing that your babies are still drinking breastmilk when you’re away from them makes it worth the effort.

In this article I will share with you:

  1. A review of 3 best breast pump for multiples and twins
  2. Some tips for nursing twins


My Recommendations for The Best Breast Pump for Twins

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To be honest with you I didn’t buy all breast pumps that you can find in this post, I asked people (moms) in real life, forums, reading many positive and negative reviews, making comparisons just to have an idea about what is the best breast pump for twins before making a purchase.

Breast Pump Our Rating
Swing A-
Spectra S2 A-
Pump In Style Advanced B+


Here’s some information on pumps that moms of twins have had good luck with.


Spectra Baby S2 Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA S2 Breast Pump PhotoThe Spectra Baby S2 is a versatile pump that can be used to express milk from one breast at a time or both breasts at the same time.

The pump system is closed, making it difficult for milk to get caught in the tubing. It has digital controls and is designed to mimic the way the baby sucks milk from the breast.


  • The S2 is very quiet, many moms could hardly hear the pump working when it was sitting next to them.
  • It is less expensive than most double pumps on the market.
  • Most moms have found the S2 to be comfortable to use.
  • This pump is equipped with a nightlight, making it easy to use at night without having to turn on lights.


  • The S2 is not very portable.
  • Some moms experienced loss of suction when pumping from both breasts at the same time with the S2.
  • Some moms have found Spectra USA’s customer service to be frustrating and unreliable.

Here is Maddie B TTC talking about this breast pump on a vlog:

Check the Spectra’s price here!

Medela Pump In Style Advanced

Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breat Pump PhotoThe Medela Pump in Style Advanced is equipped with the same two-phase technology as the Medela Swing breast pump.

This technology mimics the baby’s nursing pattern, allowing milk to let down quickly. The Pump in Style is a larger pump, but it can be carried in a bag when you need to travel.

Some moms found that the Pump in Style was not as comfortable for them to use as other breast pumps.

It is important that you choose the correct size breast shields so that pumping is comfortable. Medela is a well-known brand that has built a reputation for quality products.


  • Expresses a large volume of milk in a reasonable amount of time.
  • You can pump milk from both breasts at the same time.
  • You can choose the speed that is comfortable for you.


  • This pump is louder than some other electric breast pumps.
  • Some moms found that condensation built up in the tubing of their Pump in Style.
  • Some moms found that their Medela Pump in Style lost suction after a couple of months.

Here is a Medela Pump in Style’s video review:

Check the Advanced Breast pump’s price here!

Medela Swing Breast Pump

Medela Swing Breast Pump PhotoThe Medela Swing breast pump is a great option for moms who are on the go a lot and need a pump that is portable.

This pump features two-phase technology to express milk quickly and efficiently. It is compact and comes with a strap and belt clip for easy carrying.

The Medela Swing breast pump can run on electricity or battery power.


  • Many moms found that this pump expresses a large volume of milk.
  • It is small and easily portable
  • Many moms prefer the buttons on the Medela Swing to the dials on other breast pumps.


  • Some moms found that this pump is louder than they would like.
  • You need to be careful that milk doesn’t get backed up in the tubing when using the Medela Swing pump.
  • Pumping milk from one breast at a time is less efficient than pumping milk from both breasts at the same time.

And you can find bellow a video review of the Medela Swing Breast Pump

Check the Swing’s price here!


Make sure you clean the pump parts after every use so that milk doesn’t get built up on them.

Be sure to check out and read reviews on several pumps before choosing which pump to buy.

You may want to have more than one pump, especially if you plan to use the breast pump on a regular basis.


You can also read about 3 great and cheapest breast milk storage bags bulk


Tips for Nursing Twins or Multiple Babies

  1. Set up a nursing area in your home. One of the best things you can do when you’re breastfeeding is set up a nursing area. This is important for any nursing mom, but becomes even more essential when you’re feeding more than one baby. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the chair, so make sure it is comfortable. It’s also smart to have snacks and water available so that you can nourish yourself when you’re nourishing your babies and also to increase breastmilk supply.
  2. Feed or pump at least eight times per day. Keeping up your milk supply is very important, especially if you’re having trouble producing enough milk to meet the needs of your babies. If you nurse or pump fewer than eight times in 24 hours it is likely that your milk supply will start to decrease. Using your breast pump in the middle of the night may feel like a chore, but it is an essential part of keeping your milk supply high or increasing your supply if it starts to go down. The best breast pump for twins will empty both breasts at the same time, making pumping faster and more efficient.
  3. Try sitting on the floor if you don’t have anyone there to hold the second baby. Dividing your attention between two babies is already difficult, and not being able to make eye contact with both babies makes it even harder. You can put the baby that isn’t nursing next to you on a blanket. This makes it easier to interact with both babies, plus you won’t have to worry about whether the baby you’re not holding is likely to fall. Leaning your back against a chair or couch will make sitting on the floor more comfortable.
  4. Don’t try to feed both babies at once until they are both latching well with minimal help. Feeding the babies at the same time is efficient, but it only works if both babies are actually eating. You’re likely to find that your twins are on exactly the same feeding schedule, so sometimes they will want to nurse at the same time and other times they will want to nurse separately. A nursing pillow will help you keep both babies properly positioned while they are nursing. Tandem nursing takes a lot of practice, so try not to give up if you’re having trouble getting them to latch on the first few times you try nursing them at the same time.


When you’re choosing a pump, remember to think about your lifestyle and your comfort.

The pump that worked the best for feeding your friend’s twins may not work very well for you.

Get the model that will work efficiently with your body and help you nurse your babies for as long as possible.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave it below, You can also share with us if you had any experience with any other breast pump.

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Erick Chapple

Tuesday 4th of December 2018

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Tuesday 7th of February 2017

i prefer karmin breast pump :)

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