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Breastfeeding and breast pump reviews

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Breast Pump Reviews but let’s talking about Breastfeeding first :

What is breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is process by which most mothers choose to feed their infant children. It is the only way for a child to receive breast milk. Breast milk is a unique substance that cannot be replaced by any other food or drink, which includes formulas and infant powder mixes. The overall health of both mother and child is improved when mothers choose to breastfeed. Breast milk is full of disease-fighting substances, capable of providing an infant with all of the nutrients they will need for the first six months.

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Who can do it?

Nearly all women possess the capability to breastfeed their little ones, but in some rare instances, a mother may experience difficulties that can prevent her from breastfeeding by traditional methods. In some cases, using a breast pump may be necessary. Breast pumps are used to simulate the natural motions in which a child would normally feed, depositing the breast milk into containers for storage. This process is called ‘expression’. For mothers who are new to breast-feeding and would like to learn more about using breast pumps, you should consult other valuable online forums or breast pump reviews in order to find the right pump for you.

Why is it important?

Breastfeeding is important because it can protect your baby from a multitude of harmful diseases and viruses that they are still too young to receive vaccinations for. For instance, providing your child with breast milk will help them create antibodies that can protect them. There are multiple studies, which show that breastfeeding will help strengthen a child’s immune system, more than traditional formula can. Ailments like respiratory illness and diarrheal disease are reduced by up to four times when women choose to breastfeed instead of formula feed. Another valuable benefit from breastfeeding is the added protection from allergies. Later in life, these breastfed children are noted to have less dental cavities and are less likely to become obese later in childhood. Diabetes prevention, lower blood pressure, less chance for heart disease are benefits as well. Psychologically, researches have noted that breast fed children are generally more mature, assertive and confident with their actions as they developed.
Some benefits for the mother indicate that breastfeeding is also beneficial to her health as well. The relationship formed with the mother as she breastfeeds is irreplaceable, marking her spot in the child’s eyes vital, for comfort, love and nourishment. Other benefits include helping a post-partum woman to lose weight. Mothers will burn many calories as they create food for their children. Breastfeeding is also known for causing an increase in the hormone oxytocin, helping the uterus to return to its normal size more rapidly, helping the mother heal faster.
One of the more widely known benefits would have to be however, that breastfeeding is as effective of a form of birth control as the common contraceptive pill (up to 98%).
In addition to these benefits, you should also know that choosing to breast feed over using traditional formula can save a new parent up to $800 (likely more) a year.
Choosing to breastfeed is different for every woman, as she is different, each one of her reasons will be different and completely personal to her. For mothers who have wanted to breast-feed and are not able or have difficulties, browsing some breast pump reviews for a model that would work for you is another way to make sure that your child has access to your valuable breast milk.

What can I do with a breast pump?

Breast Pump Reviews If you’ve determined that you are in the small percentage of woman who is unable to breast feed regularly, you may be able to benefit from the use of a breast pump. Make sure you do your research and read multiple breast pump reviews in order to ensure you choose a model that will work correctly for your body. There are different types of breast pumps to purchase, some single models, some double models for those who are experiences with breast pump use, but breast pump reviews are a great way to speak to and learn from other mothers about the pros and cons of each pump. If you have any trouble finding a breast pump after reading multiple breast pump reviews, you can always consult your doctor or obstetrician, who should have a list of resources available for mothers who are having difficulty with breastfeeding.
If you’re used to using a breast pump already and you’re familiar with some models, consider writing breast pump reviews yourself in order to assist mothers to be with their experiences. Your knowledge can help other mothers get through the tough and trying times that come with trying to breastfeed your child.

Is pumping the same as traditional feeding?

Essentially, pumping will provide your infant with the same nutritional value as traditional breast-feeding, but know that it will NOT be the same if you choose to replace your breast milk with formula. When stored properly, breast milk is just as nutritious as when it was first pumps (although it is always best used immediately), and should not be regarded as the same as formula. Formula, even though it has added nutrients like iron or folic acid, is not nearly the same when it comes to providing your child with the ability to create antibodies and immunity to disease and illness. If you have been using formula and you know that you still have the ability to pump for your child, STOP formula feeding now and begin looking at some breast pump reviews, so that you too can get a model that will provide the best benefit to you and your child. If you want to give the best start you can to your child, be sure to try and breastfeed before resorting to other feeding methods. The bond between a breastfeeding infant and a bottle fed infant can be quite different. Experience the joy of breastfeeding for yourself, with a pump, or without.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.