Avent Nipple Sizes?

Here AVENT nipples recommendations 
for AVENT Natural & Classic Bottles

My recommendation for Avent Nipple Sizes:

List of Avent nipples for Natural & Classic bottles
Natural Bottle Classic Bottle
Ideal for newborns (Birth to 4 Weeks) Newborn Flow Newborn Flow
Ideal for newborns and breastfed babies of 1 to 3 Months Slow Flow Slow Flow
For bottle fed babies (3-4 to 6 Months) Medium Flow Medium Flow
Offers a faster flow for older babies Fast Flow Fast Flow

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Learn Which Teat is Right for You and Your Baby :

Avent nipple sizes for their breastfed bottles vary depending on where your little one is in their life. For babies who are alternating between breastfeeding and bottle usage, 1 is the recommended number of the avent nipple sizes. The number 1 is recommended to use regardless of the babies age if alternating between breast and bottle is the practice. However, while this may be recommended, avent nipple sizes also go to 2 and 3 for a reason. Not every child is the same.

Avent nipple sizeSome mothers have upgraded from the 1 to the 2 and even the three after their baby is 12 weeks old. It all depends on the baby’s size. The size of the nipples themselves have to do with the flow of milk into the baby’s mouth. The number 1 nipple has the lowest flow, the 2 more and the 3 even more. The main reason for these sizes, aside form the growth of the baby, is the fact that newborns cannot keep up with the flow of milk as fast as a baby who is six months old. They can easily choke if they get too much intake at once, so regulating the flow with these avent nipple sizes is key in making sure the kiddo is getting the right amount and the right speed.

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Sometimes, younger babies may not be getting enough nourishment from the 1, so switching to a higher flow nipple will improve the intake for the little one and keep them satisfied. Again, while there are standard practices and recommendations out there regarding what size avent nipples to use in regards to the size of your baby, the most important thing to know is your individual little angel. That way, you can keep them in the right nipple at the right age.


By : My Milky Baby


    • Hi Sitwat,
      It’s actually preferred that you keep the slowest flow nipple that they’ll tolerate to prevent them from developing a flow preference for the bottle after the breast. Is there a reason you want to change?

  1. My daughter is 3months i still have her on 0+ i want to put her on 1+ or 3+ do you think 3 is to much for her because she was weeks old she will choke on her milk with the 1+.

    • Hi Quinch,
      if your baby is still doing fine with the newborn nipple, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with it. Honestly I would keep the nipple on the smallest size. You want the babe to have to work for the milk just like they work for the milk while nursing. My LO was on the premie nipple until she weaned herself off bottles.

  2. Hello, my 7 week old had been using the size 0 nipple. Lately, her nipple has been collapsing so when we switched from the 2 oz avent bottles to 4, we are trying the size 1 nipples. But this seems to be making her burp more and she seems like she keeps wanting more and more milk. She also sucks down the bottle much quicker. Could this nipple size be too fast?

    • Hi Kathleen,
      I’ve always heard to stick with the lowest flow nipple size for a breastfed baby.
      On la leche league they often say that your breasts aren’t going to change flow sizes so why should your bottles? Kinda makes sense to me. We’ve stuck with the lowest flow available and my twins are 4 months now. You can just spin the bottle if they collapse the nipple or make them take a pause in their feeding.

    • Hi,
      In my opinion if a 6+ month nipple is insufficient, maybe you could just start switching to a sippy cup?

  3. My son is 2months old. And I received cute money bottles they are size 2 flow 9oz . I breast fed but when I have work he takes a bottle with size 1 flow.. should I keep with size 1 or can I upgraded to 2

    • Hi Kathy
      I have somewhat of an oversupply and a fast flow, so I moved mine up to the next flow rate and he eats much more happily. Just from my own experience, it may be best to try and match your own flow rate, if you can figure out what that is. Otherwise, if your baby is still doing fine with the size 1 flow, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with it.

  4. My son is 1 month old but was premature and gets tired very easily when sucking. I use the size 1 nipple for 0+ months, but he never drinks the full amount that he was getting at the hospital because he still gets tired, and I’m scared he is going to start losing weight. Should I start him on the next level nipple?

    • Hi Natalie,
      Well, My friend’s son could not suck enough either, and so he is getting his supplemental pumped breast milk via liquid medicine dropper, which he can drink from but takes much less effort. Might want to discuss this option with your doc?

  5. My one year old uses a sixe2 nipple but when I try and switch it to a faster flowhe doesn’t like it. He has aippy cups and tolerates thisefine but bottles he used to go to sleep. Should I just leave it at a 2of change it?

    • Hi Maria,
      If he still doing fine with size 2, so may as well just leave it like it is, no reason to try and fix something that’s not broken. He’ll probably take Less air that way too.

  6. Hi, my child is exclusively formula fed. Now he is 6 months old and using size 4 . I buy new nipples after every three months. Which nipple size should i give him when he is 9m plus?

    • Hi, Bigger baby is not mean bigger nipple, you don’t to change nipples after every three months, the feeding guide still a theoretical thing its only your LO who can decide when to go up a nipple size, How can you know that? If your baby suddenly starts acting pissed off during feedings, or fussing at the bottle, it may be an indication that he’s ready to change it up.
      But, for now just keep his nipple size 4 even he is 9m+ and watch him.

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