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Solid Evidences About Why Do Babies Need Humidifiers

As a mother, I have been trying to learn do babies need humidifiers to prevent problems such as a stuffy nose, chronic coughing or dry skin?

My new daughter often has a stuffy nose after waking up, so maybe, I should buy a specialized humidifier for baby congestion.

While researching humidifiers, I have learned that there are five main types of humidifiers available, including:

  • Impeller – uses a rotating disk and infuser
  • Warm mist – emits warm mist to relieve cold symptoms
  • Ultrasonic – uses a ceramic diaphragm
  • Evaporative – has a wick and a circulating fan
  • Cool mist – emits cool mist to add moisture to the air

Each type of humidifier operates in a different way, and I will need to buy replacement devices for it such as wicks or filters. However, the most important thing that I am considering is do babies need humidifiers all of the time or only when the infants aren’t feeling well?


  1. Prevent a Dry Throat and Sinuses To Help a Baby Feel Better
  2. A Humidifier’s Warm Mist Can Eliminate Bacteria and Viruses
  3. How Long Should I Use a Warm Mist Humidifier For My Baby?
  4. Prevent Itchy Dry Skin With a Humidifier
  5. My Baby Sleeps Better With a Humidifier In Her Nursery

Prevent a Dry Throat and Sinuses To Help a Baby Feel Better

I know that my mother told me to use a humidifier for babies with colds, but what if my daughter has an allergy?

Allergies to household dust, pet hair and pollen can make it difficult for an infant to breathe.

In addition, the climate-controlled equipment in my home makes the air extremely dry, and by using a humidifier for newborns, my daughter won’t have a dry throat or sinuses.

I know that a cool mist humidifier is safer to use throughout the night or while my daughter is napping.

A Humidifier’s Warm Mist Can Eliminate Bacteria and Viruses

This is because a humidifier that heats the water can create too much steam or make the baby’s room extremely hot.

However, the steam from a warm mist humidifier can also eliminate the viruses and bacteria that are in a baby’s nursery.

While my new infant hasn’t had a bad cold yet, I know that the warm mist from a humidifier can widen a baby’s nasal passages along with loosening the infant’s thick mucus, helping with breathing through the nose instead of the mouth.

Check out the paragraph here, if you need to learn more about the difference between a warm and a cool humidifier.

How Long Should I Use a Warm Mist Humidifier For My Baby?

I think that the best way to use a warm mist humidifier is by placing it far from my daughter while she is sleeping or playing.

For extra safety, it is a good idea for me to remain close by when my child isn’t feeling well.

With this method, I can fill the warm mist humidifier with more water if it is almost empty, or if the nursery is too hot, then I can turn the device off immediately.

Prevent Itchy Dry Skin With a Humidifier

My older son has problems with dry peeling skin caused by eczema, and I want to know do babies need humidifiers for this condition?

I know that when my son’s skin is dry and itchy, I slather lotion on him, but my new daughter can’t tell me when her skin is bothering her.

I have noticed that she is really thirsty after a nap, and her lips also look chapped, so perhaps, this might mean that having a humidifier in a baby’s room all night is a good plan.

My Baby Sleeps Better With a Humidifier In Her Nursery

I also know that if my daughter is cranky and is crying a lot, then using a humidifier in her nursery can make her calmer.

Not only does a humidifier emit warm or cool mist to create additional moisture in the air, but also, the sound of a humidifier is soothing.

If my daughter is able to sleep better, then I will also get more rest.

A High-quality Humidifier Provides Benefits For My Baby and Me

When you are wondering do babies need humidifiers, then I think the devices are fantastic for a variety of reasons.

It is easy to find high-quality humidifiers at local or online stores, and these devices are also affordable.

Having a humidifier in my home means that I have it for a baby’s cough, but it is also an excellent device for me to use when I am not feeling my best because I have a cold.

The choice can be made a bit easier if you know what to look for. This post can help you decide which humidifier you need for your Little One.

And if you have a congested baby, this post can give you an idea about how to use a humidifier to ease your baby’s congestion.

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