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Dr. Brown’s Glass Bottles : Best Way to Prevent Gas & Colic

Any parent that has ever dealt with a baby that has had gas, colic, or other digestion problems knows what frustration comes from the baby’s crying episodes of a hurting tummy.
Parents are willing to do nearly anything to get their child past their tummy troubles, stop crying, and go to sleep.

One of the best products out there on the market to help with gassy baby problems is Dr Brown glass bottles. Dr Brown glass bottles are baby feeding bottles made from a sturdy glass so that they are durable. Because they are not made from plastic you don’t have to worry about any BPA or other harmful chemicals that are in plastic. These glass bottles are also easier to warm up because they are made from glass versus plastic.

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Dr Brown glass bottles are the right type of bottle for parents to use with a newborn when they don’t want to worry about having issues with nipple confusion. The vent system in these bottles allows air to vent in through the top, near the nipple, so air comes out in the bottom of the bottle, through the central tube. When a baby feeds, the bottle is going to be upside down, therefore the venting straw allows air to go right into the air pocket above the baby’s formula, eliminating any air mixing with your baby’s formula.

Dr. Brown’s explain how vent system works in this video. I recommend watching the entire video.

On the downside, Dr Brown glass bottles require a little more work to keep them clean. The inserts in the straws can get dirty easily, sometimes getting mildew, but with the right small type of pipe cleaner, the inside can be kept clean. Overall, these feeding bottles are some of the best bottles and a parent will immediately see results with their baby’s colic and gas problems.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.