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Evenflo Symphony Elite Vs DLX : Which is The Better Choice

One of the most important items you absolutely need to purchase before you head to the hospital is the car seat.

When it comes to protecting your child in the car, the most affordable option may not be the safest; the longer the car seat can last, the better the investment becomes overall.

Two of the leading baby car seats are manufactured by Evenflo and its an ongoing debate over which is the best: the EvenFlo Symphony Elite vs the Symphony DLX.

These are both excellent options, but what are the differences that you need to know before you commit to buy?


When looking at the EvenFlo Symphony Elite vs DLX, everything about these two car seats is nearly identical.

One of the most enviable features is that both seats transform into three styles: rear-facing, forward-facing, and a high-backed booster.

Concerned for an extra-squirmy child?

They both come with a five-point harness to keep your child securely tucked into the padded, impact-resistant seat.

Messy kid? Both models come with easily removable linings that are machine washable.

Child that tends to get hot quickly? They are made with naturally ‘cooling’ and breathable fabric to prevent overheating.

Comparing the EvenFlo Symphony Elite vs DLX, you will find even more similar assets:

- Evenflo Symphony Elite Evenflo Symphony DLX
Item Weight 24 lbs 25 lbs
Maximum weight recommendation 110 Pounds 110 Pounds
Rear Facing Weight Limit 40 Pounds 40 Pounds
Forward-facing Weight Limit 65 Pounds 65 Pounds
LATCH System Yes No
Number Of Cupholders 2 2
Side Impact Protection Yes Yes
5-point Harness Yes Yes
Machine-Washable Yes Yes


So what’s the difference between these two great car seat options?

There are only a few, mostly aesthetic differences.

The one however, that defines the EvenFlo Symphony Elite vs Symphony DLX is the branded LATCH system.

The video below shows what is the EvenFlow LATCH system.


Symphony Elite

This model comes equipped with the SureLATCH installation system.

Gone are the days where you had to strap in a car seat and then push all of your weight down in order to pull the strap tight to prevent awkward leaning.

With the SureLATCH design, you secure the latch connectors and then push down and wait for the seat to auto-tighten itself into maximum security.

Installation in seconds? Done!

EvenFlo Sure Latch System Image

Symphony DLX

This model is more cost-effective and comes with the QuickConnector™ LATCH system.

Different from its counterpart, this installation design does require some old-fashion tugging in order to tightly secure the seat in the car.

After strapping the seat in, pulling the QuickConnector™ will lock the seat more securely in place, keeping your child nice and snug.

I think you are trying to figure out what is the difference between SureLatch and Quick Connect Latch?

And here is an answer from Evenflo Facebook page!


Being that both car seats are so incredibly similar, it can complicate the decision-making process.

Aside from the main difference in the LATCH system, there are a few other things to note about the Evenflo Symphony Elite vs DLX –

EvenFlo Symphony Elite

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Evenflo Symphony Elite Photo

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The Elite model comes with an infinite slide harness that easily adjusts the strap room to accommodate an ever-growing child.

Since this seat is intended to be installed and left, not having to constantly remove the seat to make harness adjustments is a nice plus for the modern parent.

One thing to note is that this model is quite large.

Depending on the size of your car, getting your child in and out may present some spatial challenges the older they get.

The only suggestive flaw in the overall car seat design is the strap quality.

While the multi-range of seating options suggests many years of use, the straps have been known to fray or wear thin in a few years.

Product warranty lasts only the first 90 days so replacing them most likely will require out of pocket payment.


EvenFlo Symphony DLX

Evenflo Symphony DLX Photo

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One of the most endearing features of the DLX model is that it comes with a Buckle Storage feature that allows you to tuck the straps into the side of the car seat when not in use.

This is a HUGE plus when you are getting a child into their seat.

Sleep baby? Check!

Squirmy toddler who doesn’t want to be confined? Check and check!

It is truly a thoughtful addition to the seat that makes it quite appealing.

This feature quite possibly compensates for the QuickConnector™ LATCH system that still requires you to tighten the installation strap(s) automatically.

The only thing to note if you choose to purchase this model is that there are no strap covers included in the purchase.

Minor technicality? Yes.

Annoying? Potentially.

However, soft strap covers can be purchased anywhere most baby products are sold and are a minimal investment.

Overall, this model is a big, padded beauty and there is not much negative to say.

The only thing to keep in mind is that, like its counterpart, the car seat itself is quite large.

Installing this seat into a small(er) car model may result in some difficulties getting your child in and out comfortably and easily.

You can find more information about the DLX in the video below



When it comes to choosing the best seat for your child, either one of these models would be an excellent choice.

They are both sturdy, three-in-one models that are comfortable and incredibly safe.

If you are more conservative when it comes to cost, the Symphony DLX will do the trick.

Yes, you will need to use your weight to push it down and tug on a strap during install, but the rest of the features are sweat-less, luxury perks for both you and your little one.

If you are looking for the easiest install and the difference in cost in no concern, the Symphony Elite will be the easiest by far to install.

Additional information:

Photo & Video credits: AmazonVictoria Law, Family COOL Reviews, evenflobaby.

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