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Medela Bottles Review

The Medela Breastfeeding Bottles are manufactured by the Switzerland based company Medela. The bottles are specially made to suit the needs of the mother and child.

Breast milk is extremely beneficial to the overall development of your baby; the milk contains all the essential natural vitamin and nutrients needed by the baby.

Medela bottle makes feeding easy while preventing exposure to harmful substances. The benefits offered by the Medela bottle include are safe to use, efficiency, effortless cleaning and flexibility.

Medela bottles are safe to use because they are free of Bisphenol A (BPA); this helps to guarantee the health of your baby. The bottle is also easy to clean; this process can be performed using the microwave and dishwasher. To ensure efficiency, the bottle does not allow any drop-out of precious breast milk. The bottle is also perfect for storing and freezing breastfeeding milk; thus ensuring flexibility of use.

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Medela calma bottles review photoCalma is a brand of breastfeeding bottles made by Medela. Calma offers an alternative to breastfeeding for mothers who intend to feed their children with breast-milk. The benefits offered by Calma bottles include enabling babies to maintain the natural feeding behavior as instinctively adopted. The bottle also enables the baby to drink, breath and pause in a normal manner; Calma bottle’s offers an amicable transition from the breast to an enhanced feeding solution and back.

In summary, Medela Bottles are specially designed for safe and long-term storage of breast-milk. The bottle provides a distinctive feeding solution; milk can be pumped directly into the bottle and stored until it is needed, the bottles are also shatterproof. Medela Bottles are available in the following two sizes; 250 ml bottles in packets of 2 and the 150ml bottles in packets of 3. Only one bottle is enough for the entire breastfeeding period.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.