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Snuggle Me Organic Vs DockATot : What is The Best Baby Lounger?

It can be hard to get together with other moms and dads and avoid the topic of baby gear.

If your latest debate concerns Snuggle Me Organic vs Dockatot, welcome to the club!

You’ve got a decision that’s best made once you’ve got all of the evidence.

After all, you’ve got lots of time to mull these things at 3 a.m. when junior declares it’s time to play.

Happily, you have us.

We can help you decide which product sounds most like it was meant for you and baby at any hour of the night or day!

Whose idea was this anyway?

It’s been 30 years since Susan Brown was faced with the challenge:

Daycare workers looking after her child needed an innovative a pillow that was capable of supporting a baby when daycare workers were too overwhelmed to pick all of their charges up at the same time.

From her dining room table in Evergreen, Colorado, a prototype emerged from the fray.

Enter the first Boppy® Pillow and the rest, as they say in Babyland, is history.

The Federal Drug Administration weighs in

The evolution of the baby lounger moved faster than a two-year-old upon realizing that she could take off at the speed of light at the mall and leave mom in her wake.

But as with all brilliant ideas, doctors began to weigh in on the topic of dependency, according to editors at

Parents felt so confident that their little ones could snooze unsupervised when tucked into these clever products, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration took note.

Urging parents not to leave babies unattended in any of the innovative loungers hitting the market, the agency continues to keep tabs on recalls and complaints.

Read this article for more information about safety advice for putting babies to sleep.

Therefore, no matter which product you decide to buy after reading this review, it’s a good idea to keep this link bookmarked for future reference.

General advantages and disadvantages of baby loungers


#1 They free up your hands so you can do other things while baby is in close proximity.

#2 You can keep your little one next to you so she can keep tabs on mom or dad.

#3 Elevated design supports the upper body and promotes better digestion.

#4 Take it anywhere you go. As long as there’s a flat surface available, you can position your lounger.

#5 These are lightweight and aren’t bulky, making storage options a breeze.

#6 You can feed baby without straining your back if you place your lounger on a high surface.

#7 These are easy to clean and removable covers can usually be tossed into the washer.


#1 Baby loungers are not to be confused with cribs. Leaving baby alone in one is never advised.

#2 Your child will outgrow a lounger fairly quickly, so you don’t get much return on your investment.

#3 If your lifestyle is all about simplicity, you may not need yet another baby product.

#4 The best brands are not inexpensive.

#5 If you worry about product recalls, you may want to consider doing without one of these.

How to choose the best lounger for your baby

Before you consider the details, pros and cons of Snuggle Me Organic vs Dockatot, you will want to know about the “3Fs”, basic things to look for when you shop.

Weigh all three before you hand over your plastic or specify either on your baby shower registry.

#1 Fabric: Are you committed to organic fabrics because you want to surround baby with natural materials?

This can be a particularly critical topic for moms with babies who exhibit allergies and sensitivities to synthetics.

Additionally, that critical “overheating” result that some parents report could be caused by synthetics, because they don’t breathe like natural textiles like cotton, linen and wool.

#2 Fit: Both loungers described within this review come in a standard size that may or may not adapt to your baby’s body.

This means that neither of these products will work for you if your child is bigger or taller than average.

Your goal is a custom fit that offers a snug environment that emulates the embrace of a parent or caretaker.

3. Features: If you’re big on bells and whistles and love versatility when it comes to baby equipment, carefully read the product descriptions on as many units as you can, especially since not every baby lounger is designed to serve a single purpose.

Some are advertised as ideal for diaper changing, massaging baby or even tummy time.

Multi-purpose loungers are more expensive because they are meant to serve a variety of purposes.

Reviews of Snuggle Me Organic vs Dockatot

**Some links on this page can take you to, where you can see prices, customer reviews, product specs, etc … Please note that we only share stuff we love. We may earn a small commission if you buy through our links.

Product Satisfaction Rate Description
Snuggle Me Organic 89% Read Review
DockATot Deluxe+ Dock 85% Read Review

Snuggle Me Organic

Snuggle Me Organic Photo

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Read Customer Reviews Here

For moms and dads who love choosing products made in the U.S.A., this baby lounger will strike a chord.

The lounger’s center sling area is designed to conform to baby’s silhouette, drawing sides in for a comfy fit.

Fabricated of 100-percent organic cotton and stuffed with virgin polyester fiberfill, Snuggle Me has won awards for design and engineering and earns kudos from doctors and moms.

Babies who respond to swaddling receive an extra measure of comfort from spending time within this cotton-covered cocoon.


  • Comes with a cotton canvas zippered travel bag.
  • Roomy enough to accommodate babies between birth and 9 months.
  • Cover is removable.
  • Consumer reviews are extremely positive.
  • Comes in 9 color selections.
  • Competitively priced.


  • Parents report that this lounger can retain heat and make baby uncomfortable.
  • Returns to the manufacturer include receipt of “stained, smelly” products.
  • Some parents complained that this lounger proved too “flimsy” to be useful.
  • The fabric could bleed color when the cover is washed; cover fit may not be tight, either.

DockATot Deluxe+

DockATot Deluxe+ Baby Lounger Photo

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Read Customer Reviews Here

Competing for attention with Snuggle Me Organic, parents are equally delighted with this product, according to a variety of sites that allow moms and dads to rate products and schmooze about their experiences on chat boards.

While you’ll pay a few more bucks for this product than the Snuggle Me Organize, this lounger checks off all the right boxes.

The cover is 100-percent cotton; the tube and pad are fabricated of polyester.

The company touts DockATot’s ability to help a child build strong neck muscles and enhanced motor skills.

Marketers stress the fact that the OEKO-TEX fabric made in the EU won’t conduct heat.

You get a stylish travel bag to tote when you and baby are on the go.


  • This lounger may feel cooler against baby’s skin.
  • You get a nice choice of colors and patterns.
  • Higher-than-average bumpers are ideal for co-sleeping.
  • All materials are washable.
  • Adjusts as baby gets bigger via the buckle on the dock.
  • Designed in Sweden; made in Europe.
  • Buckle feature accommodates baby’s growth by adjusting it.
  • Highly rated by a preponderance of product owners.


  • Despite contrary claims, baby may still get hot in this lounger.
  • You’ll pay a little more for this European import.
  • Buckle may not stay closed, say disgruntled parents.
  • The design causes baby’s head to slant down which could trigger more spit-ups.

Snuggle Me Organic vs Dockatot: How do they compare?

You’ve probably already spotted at least one difference between Snuggle Me and Dockatot that got your attention

or perhaps you’re seeking a third option because prices or FDA admonitions proved a turn-off.

But with sensible, vigilant use, plenty of moms and dads sing the praises of both of these loungers, referring to them as miracles, life-savers and indispensable.

Here are a few ways that the two diverge:

#1 If the price is a major factor, Snuggle Me wins out.

#2 DockATot’s European manufacture could be a turn off for parents who prefer shopping for products made in the U.S.A.

#3 Both products come with carry bags.

#4 You’re more likely to run into heat issues with the Snuggle Me on average.

#5 Only DockATot claims to help baby build neck muscles.

#6 Both feature polyester fill and 100-percent cotton covers.

#7 You can’t put the DockATot cover in the dryer, notes the manufacturer.

If only baby could tell you which one is best!

Bottom line is that both of these products offer parents plenty of benefits and to be honest, proponents of both brands wouldn’t trade the one they prefer for anything on today’s market.

Will you have a hard time discovering the difference between snuggle me and dock a tot?

You could, but based on your criteria and unique needs, one of these will stand out over the other when the time comes to make your buying decision.

As long as parents stay in close proximity to little ones during the time they are nestled into either lounger, there’s a reason to believe that either would make an ideal addition to baby’s gear stash.

Once your little one has outgrown either, both can be stowed in relatively small spaces, so if you’re planning on having more kids, hang on to your choice.

It’s sure to offer as much comfort as it did when big brother or big sister occupied it the first time around.

Product Satisfaction Rate Description
Snuggle Me Organic 89% Read Review
DockATot Deluxe+ Dock 85% Read Review

Additional information:

Photo credits: Amazon.

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