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3 Adorable Soft Helmets for Toddlers (Review)

Parents of infants and toddlers know how unsteady these little ones can be.

These miniature people are learning to sit, stand and walk and are, let’s be honest, pretty terrible at these skills for many months.

While learning, babies have the balance and equilibrium of an inebriated adult, and they are extremely susceptible to severe injury, especially on their heads.

The skull bones of an infant’s head will not fuse until he or she is two years old

meaning that any of the many bumps and bruises that are encountered along the way can lead to a serious head injury.

So what do you do as a parent to protect your baby’s precious skull?

Equip him or her with a stylish and soft helmet for toddler, of course!

What is a Baby Safety Helmet?

A safety helmet for babies is designed to protect the head from injury as infants and toddlers develop new motor skills.

The helmet is usually plush and thickly cushioned, with a strap to secure the helmet under the chin.

The helmets are available in a variety of materials, such as foam, cotton or plastic, and come in various colors and even prints to suit your baby’s style.

Why Use a Safety Helmet For Your Baby?

Children under 2 years of age are at an increased risk of head injury when they fall due to their soft spots on their heads.

Because they are top-heavy and do not know how to protect their heads or faces, the force with which they fall can also lead to more serious injuries.

Additionally, some babies are more likely to get injured as a result of symptoms of health issues, such as seizures or head banging.

Even less serious injuries from falls or stumbles can leave bumps and bruises that can mar your baby’s beautiful head and face.

A soft helmet for toddler can give you peace of mind that your baby will evade serious injury and keep their precious, soft skin blemish-free.

Tips for Choosing a Soft Helmet for Toddler

Safety helmets for babies come in a variety of materials and styles.

Some are adjustable, allowing you to size it more comfortably to your baby’s head.

There are breathable structures that help to keep your child’s head cool and less susceptible to unsightly hat hair.

All of the helmets have sufficient padding, but some will provide a softer cushion than others if your baby is a frequent faller.

Things to Know About Using a Safety Helmet

Babies learn about their world through the natural consequences of their experiences.

When they eat something yucky, they spit it out and probably won’t put it in their mouth again.

If they touch something hot, they will likely cry and avoid that object.

The pain response from falling, while uncomfortable, does provide feedback for your baby to learn to avoid doing certain dangerous things.

Therefore, some argue that the helmet shouldn’t be worn too frequently, as these connections will be delayed for your baby.

As with any parenting disagreement, though, you know your child best.

If your little one is slow to learn from pain, or if their discomfort is making them too nervous to try new skills, a cushioned helmet is a great option to keep your child safe as they learn and grow.

Baby Safety Helmet Reviews

There are many safety helmets on the market, and let’s be honest.

A helmet, in addition to safety, should be an adorable accessory that complements your baby and emits chuckles and adoration from those who see it on him or her.

With that in mind, here are our reviews of our best picks.

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Product Satisfaction Rate Review
Simplicity Toddler Helmet 84% Read Review
Bellady Toddler Helmet 87% Read Review
Newcomdig Toddler Helmet 82% Read Review

Simplicity Helmet

Simplicity Toddler Helmet image

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This adorable plush safety helmet that resembles a crown is the perfect pick for your prince or princess.

Available in 12 different prints to suit any style and preference

this safety helmet offers a fun and funky look while offering serious protection for your baby’s head.

The base of the helmet is comprised of two thick padded rolls that secure with a hook and loop fastener in the back to allow you to size it to your baby’s head circumference.

Double sets of rolls then criss-cross over the top of the helmet to give extra protection to the top of the skull and complete the crown effect.

Two strings hang from either side of the helmet to tie securely under the chin.

Here are some cool features that this helmet offers:

#1 Adjustable — the base of the helmet can be sized accurately between 18.8″ and 22″ to fit your baby’s growing head

#2 Breathable — the “x” shape on the top of the helmet allows air to circulate around your child’s head

#3 Soft — the cotton and polyester blend of the safety helmet provides a comfortable hat and cushions any falls your child may take

#4 Washable — the material is easily hand-washed for the inevitable messes your child will make

Overall, this helmet is incredibly cute, cozy and effective in keeping your little one’s head safe.

The prints are fun and the material is soft and comfortable against your little one’s skin.

Your baby will be happy to wear it and you will adore watching them sport it around the house.

Bellady Helmet

Bellady Helmet

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This delightful crown-shaped soft helmet for toddler is a super cute option for keeping your baby’s head safe.

Constructed from two polyester filled cotton rolls at the base with two double-wide rolls crossed over the crown of the head, this safety helmet comes in a variety of 6 different fabric prints for you to choose from.

In addition to strings that can be tied beneath the chin to keep the helmet in place, the back can be sized for a secure fit using hook and loop fasteners.

Check out these key features that the helmet has to offer:

#1 Adorable Prints — choose from 6 different fabrics to suit your style

#2 Customized Fit — the back of the helmet is adjustable between 18″ and 23″

#3 Lightweight — constructed from breathable material that will not weigh down your baby’s head

#4 Comfortable — the soft fabric is comfortable enough for your little one to willingly keep it on

This soft cushioned safety helmet is an excellently made and adorable way to keep your baby injury-free.

He or she will look picture perfect toddling around the house and you can rest assured that every fall will be safe and uneventful for your child.

Newcomdigi Helmet

Newcomdigi Toddler Helmet

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This soft and well-cushioned helmet is smartly constructed.

Shaped like a traditional bike helmet, the base consists of one large cushioned cotton band.

Four smaller bands arc across the top of the helmet to protect the crown of the head.

The two sides of the base secure in the back for an adjustable fit and two strings heng from each side to secure the helmet beneath the chin.

This safety helmet is available in one print and one solid color.

These are the important features to note with this helmet:

#1 Ultra Protection — In addition to the plush cotton bands, a layer of IXPE foam lining is attached to the inside of the helmet for extra cushioning

#2 Moveable Visor — This extra layer of protection can prevent injury to your baby’s face when he or she falls forward

#3 Perfect Fit — The helmet is customizable from 43″ to 56″ and is appropriate for children from 8 months to 5 years

#4 Safe Construction — Built from non-toxic materials

This soft and incredibly protective safety helmet is the perfect choice for preserving your little one’s precious head and face.

The design elements of the additional foam lining and the moveable visor both add a layer of security that will allow you to feel comfortable as your baby grows and keeps moving.

As a parent, you know how fragile your baby’s head and face are and how much more imminent an injury is when your little one is mobile.

You are also aware of the laws of nature that assure that your child will bruise his or her face right before a trip to the doctor

a playdate with the judgmental mom in your circle

or a session with your family photographer.

Purchase one of these adorable safety helmets and avoid the stress.

Product Satisfaction Rate Review
Simplicity Toddler Helmet 84% Read Review
Bellady Toddler Helmet 87% Read Review
Newcomdig Toddler Helmet 82% Read Review

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