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All What You Need To Know About The Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Waiting to find out if you are pregnant leaves you feeling like you are sitting on pins and needles for several weeks.

Whether you’ve been trying to conceive or think you might have a baby surprise on the way, it’s normal to want to find out if you are pregnant as soon as possible.

At home tests are always fun to try, and you can use this guide to do the Pine Sol pregnancy test that everyone is talking about.

Why Take a Pine Sol Pregnancy Test?

Pregnancy is a time when there is a lot going on.

For some women, it is just easier to do a test at home where they can be away from other people’s prying eyes.

Going to the doctor for a pregnancy test may be hard to do without being noticed if you live in a small town or have a career that puts you in the public eye.

The privacy provided by the Pine Sol test is also preferable if you live with other people who may question you taking a pregnancy test.

While your roommates may question you taking a store-bought test into the bathroom

everyone will just think you are going to clean if you take Pine Sol with you.

You may also prefer to do the Pine Sol test if you are still too early in the possible pregnancy for other types of tests to work.

You can use the Pine Sol test as soon as you suspect that you conceived rather than waiting for a few days after your missed period.

Since Pine Sol is a household cleaner that most people have in their home

it is also super convenient for those times when you really want to know if you might be pregnant right then.

Some women just prefer to use a more natural type of pregnancy test.

This test doesn’t use disposable plastics or chemicals beyond what is already in the cleaner.

While women take this test for lots of different reasons, you’ll be happy to know that the process of doing it is always the same.

Is This Type of Home Pregnancy Test Accurate?

The accuracy of any pregnancy test depends upon factors such as how long ago you conceived as well as your ability to follow each step exactly as you are directed.

Like most home pregnancy tests, there is always a possibility of getting false positive or negative results with Pine Sol.

This is more likely to happen if you skip a step in the process or if you have not had enough time for hCG to build up in your system.

It should also be noted that the Pine Sol test has never been verified to be accurate on a scientific basis.

Understanding that the results of using this test can vary regarding accuracy is the right mindset to begin with.

When you are wondering how accurate is Pine Sol pregnancy test

it is important to remember that no single at home test can ever take the place of a medical visit.

Whether you get a positive or negative result from the Pine Sol test, it is important to seek confirmation from a health care professional who can help you know for sure whether or not you are pregnant.

However, seeing positive results from this type of test lets you know that you should definitely seek further care to make sure that you, and your possible baby, remain healthy.

How Does It Work?

When you are pregnant, your body begins to produce hCG.

This is a type of hormone that stimulates your body to begin the processes that are required to help the baby develop properly.

Since this hormone is typically only in detectable levels in women who are pregnant, it is what most tests look for to confirm a pregnancy.

The concept behind the Pine Sol test is that the hormones excreted in your urine will react with the pine in the cleaning solution.

The reason why this test works differently from other types is that it does not measure a specific level of hCG in your urine.

Instead, it simply requires you to watch for a chemical reaction.

How Do I Use Pine Sol to Check for Pregnancy?

Taking the Pine Sol test is fairly easy since all it requires is a few simple materials that you have in your home.

First, grab two clean bowls or cups.

Ideally, they should be clear to avoid having the color of the dish or glass interfering with your ability to see the results.

One of these cups or bowls will be used to catch your clean sample of urine.

The other one will be used to hold the Pine Sol.

You can start by catching your first morning urine in one of the bowls.

While the test can work with urine from other times during the day, it works best with your first morning sample since it potentially contains higher levels of hormones.

Keep in mind that you want the urine to be super concentrated from you sleeping all night.

If possible, take your sample of urine before you drink water or any other fluids that could dilute the hormone concentration.

Once you have your urine sample, you can then slowly pour some Pine Sol into it to see if it changes color.

Although some women find that the results of this test are instant

others find that waiting three minutes allows them to get a better idea of what color develops.

As you wait, avoid picking up the bowls or doing anything that could cause the mixture to get disturbed.

When you do the test, remember to follow each step exactly.

While the test is safe when you do it correctly, urinating directly into a bowl that is already filled with Pine Sol could expose you to potentially irritating chemicals.

Always catch your urine sample in an empty bowl.

This way, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning solution splashing back while you catch your sample.

Does It Matter Which Kind of Pine Sol I Use?

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when they are learning how to do Pine Sol pregnancy test.

For the test to work properly, you need to use the original version of Pine Sol that does not contain added colors or scents.

It is also important to make sure that the Pine Sol you use is still active and not contaminated by other chemicals.

To make sure that you are using the right kind of solution for the test, it should have an amber-brown color and any dates on the label should be recent.

It should also smell like pine and not like lemon or lavender.

What Does a Positive or Negative Result Look Like?

Once you mix the solutions, you can start checking to see if you have a result.

For some women, the solution turns a blue or green color.

This is noted as a positive test.

For other women, a creamy or white color may emerge.

This is also considered to be a possible sign of pregnancy.

However, this color can sometimes indicate a false positive result that occurs due to a flaw in how you conduct the test.

Seeing no change at all is a negative result.

If you are not pregnant, then your urine sample will simply blend into the brownish colored cleaner.

What Happens If the Test Turns White?

Naturally, you may be wondering what happens if your Pine Sol pregnancy test turned white.

If it did, then you need to determine if this was an actual color change or if you mixed the solution too much and created a foam.

The white coloring should resemble more of a cloudy hue if you might be pregnant.

A positive result may also not be completely stark white.

Instead, you may notice a light yellow or cream color that also means that hCG may have interacted with the pine in the cleaning solution.

Are Bubbles in the Liquid a Sign of Pregnancy?

Bubbles are another possible sign of positive results.

However, you will need to distinguish between the normal bubbles created by the cleaning solution and those that indicate a possible pregnancy.

If you poured the Pine Sol and urine together too quickly, then you may have caused the surfactants in the cleaning solution to activate and create a soapy foam.

If this is the case, then you may have noticed some splashback as you poured.

These types of bubbles also tend to go away quickly if you wait a minute or two.

Bubbles or foaming that are associated with a positive result will develop no matter how careful you were to mix the solutions slowly.

They may also develop more from the bottom of the dish and float upward.

You may also notice that these bubbles tend to stick around since they are likely caused by a chemical reaction.

If you’ve ever mixed vinegar with baking soda, then you will note that bubbles from a positive test have a similar appearance as those.

What Should I Do If the Results are Positive?

Everyone has a different reaction to positive pregnancy results, and it is important to recognize that your feelings right now are normal no matter what they are.

However, a positive at home pregnancy test should always be treated with caution since they can sometimes be false or the results are misleading.

When you think about it, trying to determine if the solution turned a specific color can be very hard.

In fact, it is common for people to disagree on what constitutes positive results with at home tests.

Due to the variances in at home test results with Pine Sol, you should consider any color changes to be positive and a signal that you need to schedule a health care appointment.

Finding out if you are definitely pregnant helps you to begin planning for this new stage in your life

and it gives you the reassurance that you need to alleviate any anxiety that you feel about trying to figure out whether or not you are pregnant.

How Do I Handle a Negative Result?

The discovery that the solution did not change colors may fill you with disappointment or relief.

As with a positive result, it is still important to remain cautious that negative pregnancy test results can sometimes just mean that a test was done incorrectly

or that you need to wait a little longer for your hormones to increase.

The good thing about using Pine Sol is that you can test as often as you wish.

Just try to remember that it does work best when you wait until your urine is concentrated so try to avoid doing another test right away.

If you still have a negative test and continue to miss your period, then you will also need to arrange for a doctor visit to find out what might be the cause.

The Pine Sol pregnancy test is just another fun way to find out if you have a little bundle of joy on the way.

While you should never fully rely on its accuracy, some women find it exciting to give it a try.

As with any at home method, make sure to follow up the test with a visit to your preferred healthcare professional to verify the results.

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