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When Can You Painting Baby’s Nails?

There are so many pretty colors of nail polish on the market.

I have quite a collection myself.

Many mothers feel like it would be a fun “mother-daughter” look to paint their nails and the baby’s nails as well.

Imagine those cute, chubby feet and wiggly fingers sporting pretty summer colors.

I know some people who would happily undertake painting baby nails to match their own.

How soon would be too soon?

I can only think of a few things that would be more challenging to do than painting baby nails.

The babies I have had experience with would likely not have been good candidates.

That does not mean that you cannot paint your baby’s toenails or even fingernails if you use a non-toxic, non-chipping product.

I think cute tiny toes in cute tiny sandals for a special occasion might be fun, but do your research first.

There will be many opinions about a safe and appropriate age.

Prepare yourself for some negative feedback.

With that being said, I would still say you should do an online search on the topic.

Also, talk to your baby’s pediatrician.

Check your motivation and intentions about “why” you want to paint her toenails, or fingernails, or his nails for that matter, as some do paint their boys’ nails.

Checking online you will find moms stating that they painted their baby nails as young as two months.

Other people will say the doctor gave the “okay” at six months.

There are still things you should consider, even after you get the doctor’s opinion about the right age.

  • Will you paint fingernails, toenails or both?
  • Does the babysit still well?
  • Are the fingers and toes often in the mouth?
  • Can you find child safe nail polish?
  • How and when will you remove the polish?

Some moms say they would not paint fingernails because babies put their hands in their mouth a lot.

Other babies learn about their world and body by chewing on their toes.

What does your baby do?

Is your baby really active?

If so, how will you get those nails painted and dried nicely?

Maybe, if the baby is a sound sleeper, you can do it while she is sleeping.

There are several options on the market for painting baby nails.

An essential criterion is that the polish is paraben-free and not have toluene, formaldehyde or biphenyl type of chemicals as part of its composition.

The names of the two brands come up often, but there are more.

The most frequently recommended polishes are Piggy Paint and Crayola scented toddler polish.

These colors are often available at your nearby WalMart or Target Stores.

You may also want to check with beauty supply stores for the best selection.

An excellent website is (Environmental Working Group) for family safe products (you can find a direct link of the safest nail polishes in the additional information part of this article).

Nail color that is specially designed for children will not chip off.

It can be water-based and wash off, or will peel off.

There are vegan, food-safe tot polishes on the market as well.

Read the labels before painting baby nails with something that can make a little one sick or increase risks of illness in later life.

We can talk about “why” painting the nails of your little one might be a good idea.

There are some valid reasons.

When you paint their nails you will first make sure that they are clean and smooth, with no snags.

Grooming the nails means that you will also be aware of any way the child has hurt herself.

Taking time to paint her nails means you are having one-on-one interaction to feed their security and learning.

When your child has grown up being used to this type of grooming they may be less likely to explore your makeup and such on their own.

Little fingers and toes have very thin nails, that is why you want safe products.

This personal attention lets you examine nails for snags and painful overgrown nails.

You are helping form a lifelong habit of cleanliness.

You would never try to paint nails on anyone while talking on your phone, surfing the ‘net or watching a video.

It would not turn out well.

Of course you will pay close attention to your child.

A little one who gets this direct attention receives more than a beauty treatment.

That child feels loved, connected and cared for.

You, the parent, may have a collection of beauty products of your own.

Having her own product and exposure to routine grooming takes the mystery out of them for your toddler.

The products are no longer as much of temptation then.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but it is hopeful.

Curiosity can result in some big messes when it is satisfied on its own without supervision.

The best advice available about nail color for your child is to talk with your doctor.

You can check out experiences others have has as well online and in local parenting groups.

If you choose to paint your baby’s nails, use safe products that do not pose a danger to their health.

Do your research.

Do not turn this into a struggle, because YOU want to do it, but make it a fun experience for you and baby both.

Life is hard enough without creating unhappy routines.

People will judge, people will criticize, or if you are lucky they will cheer you on.

Have fun with your baby as she is only young for a little while.

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