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9 Monogrammed Diaper Cover Ideas (That You Will Love)

I am aware of the fact that all parents want their children to have an appealing look. Even if it’s not really a baby of your own, you may want to gift a friend or relative for their baby shower, right?

Considering the fact that babies of the current generation want to start slaying from a very tender age, getting them Monogrammed Diaper Covers is the best decision anyone would want to make. Is it really? Yes of course, fashion-wise. Ha! I have come up with a list of monogrammed diaper covers below, to make easy your shopping escapade.

They come in different patterns and designs, for different occasions such as birthdays and the like. So you get to choose one of your preference.

Cool Monogrammed Diaper Covers

1. Personalized Baby Girl Diaper Covers with names.

custom pair of Bloomers


Find Sample Here


  • Made from thread, ribbon and bloomers
  • Handmade item

These diaper covers come with your child’s name beautifully embroidered in a script font of your choice. You get to choose the thread color of your choice.

I’m well aware that different people have different color tastes, while others don’t just care much about color.

Ooh, another thing I was almost forgetting is that you can opt for a single name or a double name for the print out.

2. Monogrammed Bloomers with Bows

Monogrammed Bloomers with Bows


Find Sample Here


  • These are personalized baby bloomers that are embroidered.
  • They are handmade.
  • Made using ribbons, bloomers and thread.

These baby bloomers are custom-made in an interlocking script font, with the child’s initials embroidered.

There are also a number of colors of thread you can choose from, depending with your preference. It comes with matching bows that are sealed and therefore prevents fraying.

The child’s full first, middle and last names are to be provided. This is to ensure that the initials are done in the right monogram order.

3. Custom Baby Girl Bloomer with Monogram

Molly Custom Monogrammed Baby Girl Bloomer


Find Sample Here


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Thread and bloomers

This pair of diaper cover is specially made in such a way that the child’s initial is embroidered in a large script font with the first name in a script font going across the initial.

You get to create your own look of choice by choosing the color of thread on your monogram.

Preferred name of choice to be written in full and the one to be initials should be specified, so that the end result is something you had envisioned.

4. Personalized Baby Diaper Cover with Double Name

Double Name Baby Bloomer


Find Sample Here


  • Hand made
  • Materials used include bloomers, thread and cotton

This pair of diaper comes with the child’s first and middle name monogrammed on top of the initials, in a different color.

The initials are embroidered underneath in a color of your choice.

The details of the first and middle name, font and color are to be provided beforehand.

5. Monogrammed Rose Baby Bloomers

Addison Rose Baby Bloomer


Find Sample Here


  • Handmade item
  • Materials used include bloomers, thread and ribbon

This type of monogrammed diaper covers come with a cluster of roses beautifully embroidered below the child’s name.

You can choose to have either the first or middle name only; or double name embroidered in a script font.

If you decide to go for the double name, then the middle name will appear beneath the first.

You also need to make a decision about the following:

  • Thread color for the name
  • Flower design to be used
  • Color of the flower leaves to be used

6. Personalized Nautical Anchor Bloomers

Personalized Nautical Anchor Bloomer


Find Sample Here


  • Handmade item
  • Made using cotton fabric, applique, bloomers, diaper cover, embroidery

This customized pair of diaper cover comes with the child’s initials embroidered within an anchor. You need to choose one color for the monogram, and another one for the anchor.

So basically, they will only be two colors. The bloomers also come with matching bows that are sealed to avoid fraying.

7. One in a Melon Baby Bloomers

Watermelon Bloomer


Find Sample Here

First off, allow me to say that I highly recommend this diaper cover for all mothers who had insane water melon cravings during their pregnancies.

I mean, how else are you supposed to reward the little bundle of joy who made you eat water melon so much?

Please, just get them these bloomers, please, for Pete’s sake. He he!


  • Handmade item
  • Materials used include cotton fabric, bloomers, diaper cover, applique and embroidery

This water melon applique has ‘one in a melon’ writing embroidered in a very spectacular font. Here, you get to choose the color of the thread you want for the writings only.

The melon on the other hand has to be done in red and green. Well, unless you want your melon in color yellow and orange! Ha!

8. Personalized Birthday Cupcake Bloomers

Birthday Cupcake Bloomer


Find Sample Here

These are the best birthday gifts for a sweet little girl on their birthday. Be it your own child or a friend’s baby, getting this diaper covers for a little princess can be so thoughtful.

Depending on how old the baby is turning, the candles on the cupcake will vary in number.


  • Handmade item
  • Materials-diaper cover, bloomers, applique

These bloomers come with a cupcake design of your choice. As stated earlier, the number of candles on the cupcake is also something you need to decide on, depending on how old the baby is turning.

You get to decide on the pattern and color of the cupcake too. These bloomers also come with matching bows that are completely sealed to prevent fraying.

9. Pink and Purple Applique Personalized Diaper Cover

Birthday Crown Applique Personalized Diaper Cover

The Couture Baby

Find Sample Here

This diaper cover comes with cotton batiste blend fabric with a double lined seat and eyelet lace at the leg openings. The bows are removable for easy washing.

I know you’re aware of the fact that there are some that come with extra decorations that are not detachable. So when you’re washing, you get to really struggle.

But I wouldn’t something that is not easy to clean. The diaper covers can also be designed for you in any color of your choice.

These diaper covers come in the following sizes:

  • Size 1 (0-6 months) up to 18 pounds
  • Size 2 (6-12 months) 19-22 pounds
  • Size 3 (12-18 months) 23-26 pounds
  • Size 4 (18-24 months) 27-29 pounds
  • Size 5 (3 Toddler) 30-34 pounds
  • Size 6 (4 Toddler) 35-38 pounds


The Monogrammed Diaper Covers discussed above come in different patterns and designs. You therefore get to choose one of your liking, depending on your preference.

You can buy them for a baby shower celebration or even a birthday party for a little one. The ones discussed above are however just for baby girls.

Additional information:

Video & Photos credits: EtsyThe Couture Baby.

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Sarah Cummings

Tuesday 18th of September 2018

I love these bloomers, they're so adorable. Especially the rose embroidered pair.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.