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Is It Normal When My Baby Head Is Hot But Body Is Cold?

When it comes to babies, there are endless things and a variety of situations that can cause parents and caregivers to worry and become anxious and concerned.

Often, those situations are perfectly normal and easily identified and treated.

One situation that is not so easy to identify is when your baby head is hot but body is cold.

Since this isn’t something typically discussed, it is important to understand why this could happen and how serious it is for your baby.

Is it Okay for My Baby to Have a Hot Head and Cold Body?

Honestly, it is very possible for everything to be normal when your baby head is hot but body is cold.

Though precautions are always a must with babies, there is no need to lose your mind when you realize your baby’s head is too hot.

Just continue to be a responsible and caring parent by looking into why this could happen to your baby and what you can do to fix it.

It could just be that your baby’s entire head and body temperature is fine

but sometimes changes throughout the day for no apparent reason.

To be sure of this, you can record your baby’s temperature every few hours to for a couple of days to see it is consistent at the same time every day.

The thermometer could also be the problem if it is broken or faulty.

To test this out, take the temperature of all the people in your house.

If everyone’s temperature is off, simply throw that thermometer out and get a new one to check your baby’s temperature.

Don’t forget to check and see if you have a warranty on that faulty thermometer.

Why Is My Baby Head Is Hot But Body Is Cold?

If the thermometer is correctly showing your baby’s head is hot and you feel a striking difference in the coolness of your baby’s body, there are many possible reasons for this to be happening.

You should thoroughly look into these reasons and possible causes including learning how to treat them before you start to panic.

It is possible your baby’s head has gotten too hot from being overexcited.

Perhaps you remember a few times when this happened to you.

Babies are very active and moving around a lot raises the circulation of blood flow to your baby’s head which raises the body temperature of your baby’s head as well.

Another reason for your baby’s hot head could be that his/her clothes and hat is too warm or made of a warm woolen type of material.

The warm clothes and hat cause the heat to be trapped in your baby’s head which raises his/her body temperature even when there is not a fever.

If your baby’s teeth are coming in, it is very likely that has something to do with your baby’s hot head.

Teething can naturally raise any baby’s temperature and cause their head to be hotter.

It is normal in many babies as a natural way for the body to respond to the teething process.

What Should I Do to Cool My Baby’s Head Down?

Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways you can cool your baby down immediately when your baby head is hot but body is cold.

These options are simple and require no extra medications or vigorous guidelines.

#1 The first thing you should do is undress your baby.

Remove all extra blankets and layers of clothes.

Undressing your baby completely (including taking off their diaper) would really help even faster.

If you are out or that is not possible for some reason, change your baby’s clothes to the lightest cotton fabric he/she has.

#2 Help your baby to calm down by giving them a nice massage while staying close by.

Sing or play your baby’s favorite lullaby as well.

The relaxing skin to skin will heal and calm your baby which will ensure he/she cools do and may even give them a nice relaxing sleep as well.

That sleep will further heal and cool your baby.

#3 Another way to cool your baby down is to rub their head with a wet washcloth.

This imitates sweating and cools the body temperature down fast.

A nice, cool bath works well also.

#4 Be sure to breastfeed your baby or give them cool water to drink.

Those fluids will reduce the high temperature in your baby’s head.

#5 If teething is the problem, you can try teething gels for relief.

Giving your baby a teething ring that has been in the freezer will also help.

#6 You should also make sure the entire environment your baby is in is a nice and cool place so turn on the fan to ensure the room temperature is correct and helps to cool your baby down.

What Should My Baby Wear to Sleep to Help Reduce Heat?

There are certainly specific things your baby should wear to bed to help him/her cool down when their head is hot.

There are also certain things you should and should not do when you put your baby to bed.

It is very important for you to find a nice median temperature for your baby at bedtime.

Though you do not want your baby’s head to be hot, you also do not want your baby to be too cold in their sleep.

This will cause them discomfort that makes them wake up very often in the night.

A nice median would be to have your baby sleep in a sleeveless bodysuit vest made out of a nice cotton material.

This should keep your baby’s head cool without making him/her cold overnight.

Do not let your baby sleep with any other extra clothes, blankets, or a hat.

Babies lose heat through their heads and it is very possible for your baby to overheat if he/she sleeps with a hat.

If necessary, cover your baby with a nice, cool, cotton sheet and no extra blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals.

When Should I See a Doctor?

If you follow all the home guidelines for cooling your baby down when your baby head is hot but body is cold, you should see improvement in the form of a regulated, normal body temperature for your baby.

In some cases, it may be necessary to see a doctor in this situation including:

#1 Any time your baby seems to be dehydrated such as vomiting or diarrhea.

#2 Any periods of discomfort or obvious signs of distress for your baby.

#3 Any moments of your baby exhibiting unusual behavior like your baby being very sleepy or drowsy

having difficulty breathing

doing lots of sweating

seeming very anxious

having a stiff neck

or experiencing sensitivity to light.

All those things could be possible signs of something more serious that could lead to your baby having a fit of convulsions so don’t hesitate to see a doctor immediately.

Though you should always be on the lookout for the onset of any of these signs

it is very likely your baby will be fine and improve if you immediately follow the tips for reducing heat in your baby’s head consistently until he/she has cooled down.

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