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How To Dress Baby For Sleep In 70 Degree Room?

Many new moms have worries about their babies and have many questions on various topics.

One question they usually have is, “How to dress baby for sleep in 70 degree room?

They want to know the answer to this question, as well as what temperature the baby’s room should be, so their baby is not too hot or too cold.

The following will help answer how to dress baby for sleep, as well as other questions they may have that will help keep moms’ worrying to a minimum.

Ideal Room Temperature for Baby to Sleep

Babies do a lot of sleeping; therefore, it is very important to know what the room temperature should be for your baby to be comfortable, so they will sleep well.

Basically, whether it’s naptime or sleeping at night, the consensus is that the temperature is best if it’s between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you bring baby home from the hospital, the baby must sleeps in the same room as you for the first 6 months or, ideally, for the first year. This is The American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation. (Special thanks for our reader Heather who rectify us for this information).

If this is the case, the temperature should be set to suit your baby.

One way to tell is that if you’re wearing lighter clothing, and it’s too hot or cold for you, then it is probably too hot or cold for your baby.

Some other things to consider are, in the winter, it’s best to keep the room at the ideal temperature without the use of a heater

so the temperature is more uniform throughout.

In the summer, if it’s too hot, a ceiling fan may be used.

A fan doesn’t cool a room, but it helps circulate the air around the room.

If you’re still unsure if the temperature is set so they can sleep comfortably

you can purchase one of several smart thermometers that will let you know if the temperature is changing.

A few to choose from, that vary in price, are:

Product Image Satisfaction Rate
ThermoPro TP55 ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer 91%
ThermoPro TP53 ThermoPro TP53 Hygrometer Humidity Gauge Indicator 89%
ThermoPro TP50 ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer 87%

How To Dress Baby For Sleep in 70 degree Room

Many moms may overdress their babies with too many layers

but the great thing about layering is that when it’s too hot, you can remove a layer, or when it’s too cold, you can add a layer.

Along with baby’s pajamas, you can use sleep sacks, blankets or swaddle them tightly.

Usually, a tighter fitting onesie, with feet, is good in a 70 degree bedroom

but if you think they’re too cold, a sleep sack over their onesie will help keep them warmer.

A good way to gauge how to dress baby for sleep in 70 degree room is, if you’re wearing a t-shirt and pajama pants and your baby is wearing a short sleeve sleeper, he/she may need one extra layer than you to be comfortable.

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Halo SleepSack 100% Cotton Halo SleepSack 90%
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Make sure cribs are free of blankets, pillows, stuffed animals or comforters.

Use a blanket that is lightweight, made with natural fibers that are breathable.

The blanket should be tucked under the mattress and should not come above the middle of your baby’s chest.

Types of Fabric for Baby’s Sleepwear

Another thing to take into consideration is the kinds of fabric you baby’s sleepwear is made of to keep them comfortable and not too hot or too cold.

Natural fibers are best, and some to choose are:

  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Hemp
  • Cotton
  • Cashmere

These fabrics are more effective in absorbing sweat in hot weather.

In cold weather, the natural fibers are easier for layering clothes, giving more insulation and preventing static cling.

Ways Mom Knows Baby is Too Hot at Night

Babies can’t tell you if they’re too hot or too cold, so how will you know?

First, you can feel your baby’s skin.

If his/her skin feels too warm, and your baby has layering, remove a layer.

Check for other symptoms:

  • Sweating, especially on your baby’s neck (it should feel cool);
  • Damp hair;
  • Heat rash;
  • Flushed cheeks;
  • Squirminess or restlessness; and/or
  • Rapid breathing.

If your baby has any of these symptoms, either lower the room temperature and/or adjust what the baby is wearing or is wrapped in.

Ways Mom knows Baby is Too Cold at Night

There are also ways to know if your baby is too cold at night. Some of them are:

#1: Feel their hand and feet.

They should feel as warm as their bodies feel, so if they feel cold, you need to add another layer and put booties on their feet.

Pajamas with feet will also help them stay warmer.

#2: If your baby’s chest or tummy feels cold, this is a sure way to know they are cold.

Even if they are wearing pajamas, add more layers and turn the heat up.

#3: If they seem lethargic or very quiet and still, wrap them in more layers and hold them close to you until they get warm.

A bonus is, you get to cuddle with your baby!

Even though, you, as a new mom may have many questions about the things your baby needs

how to dress your baby for sleep in 70 degrees

what the best sleeping temperature is

and whether they’re too hot or too cold won’t be some of the things you will need to be worrying about.

Doing the right things for your baby will be a learning process, but along the way, your baby will bring much joy and happiness to your life.

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Wednesday 26th of February 2020

"Sometimes when you bring baby home from the hospital, your baby sleeps in your bedroom for a month or so." The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that baby sleeps in the same room as parents for ideally the first year, or at least the first 6 months to prevent SIDs.

Clara Johnson

Wednesday 26th of February 2020

Thank you Heather

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