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How Many Diapers Should I Bring to the Hospital? And More Questions You May Have!

When you’re done preparing everything for your birth, one question remains. How many diapers should I bring to the hospital?

First-time moms will likely not know how many diapers they should take. Most of them don’t know how many times the baby will need to change, which is entirely normal.

In this article, I’ll answer all your questions regarding what you should take to the hospital. You’ll be 100% prepared for the incoming bundle of joy!


  1. How Many Diapers Should I Bring to the Hospital?
  2. What to Pack in the Hospital Bag for Birth? (Hospital bag checklist for mom and baby)
  3. What Should You Not Pack in the Hospital Bag?
  4. How Long Do You Stay in the Hospital After Giving Birth?
  5. What Do Hospitals Give New Moms?
  6. When Should You Pack Your Hospital Bag?
  7. What to Expect the Week Before Labor, A Day Before Labor, And Before Labor Starts

How Many Diapers Should I Bring to the Hospital? And Why?

What to pack in the hospital bag and how many diapers should i bring to the hospital

‘How many diapers should I bring to the hospital?’

Well, you’d be surprised by the answer, but the number of diapers you should pack is a big fat zero!

All hospitals provide disposable diapers for newborn babies, and they’re highly convenient for you because they have an indicator that tells you when the baby needs changing.

If you’re a first-timer, you may not know which diapers your baby will be comfortable in. That’s the hospital’s job, and they’re great at it.

If you still want to take diapers to the hospital, bear in mind that a newborn baby will go through 8–12 diapers a day. However, it’s better to leave it to the hospital’s diapers. Who would say no to a bunch of free diapers?

What to Pack in the Hospital Bag

If you ask, ‘how many diapers should I bring to the hospital?’ you ought to be asking about the other items as well.

Packing the hospital bag is one tiring task! Aside from the eight or nine-month pump you’re carrying around; you’re mostly worried about forgetting something.

That’s why we prepared this hospital bag checklist of everything you should pack in your hospital bag.

For Mom

Here’s the hospital bag checklist for mom, with all the things you’ll need. You’ll need these items before and after the delivery.

Hospital Paperwork

Before going to the hospital, make sure to prepare a copy of all your medical records and your insurance card.

The doctors will want to look at your medical history, so having everything prepared makes everything easier.

The hospital will also need to see your ID.

Body Lotion

A lot of moms need a massage somewhere in the middle of labor. You’ll need to relax, and your favorite massage oil or body lotion will help you do just that.

Whether your doula or your nurse will do it, a familiar scent will surely help your body take a break.

You can also make use of it before going into labor. You never know when you need to moisturize your body!

Comfortable Clothing

While comfortable clothing usually means baggy pants and an oversized shirt, it’s different when it comes to labor and birth.

In this case, you’ll need a soft bathrobe, a pair of socks, and comfortable slippers.

The rope will let you move around freely during labor; it’ll be soft on your body, and it won’t compromise your movement. As for the socks, they’ll help keep your feet warm, especially if you’re giving birth in winter.

Makeup and Lip Balm

If your daily routine includes makeup, make sure to pack some of it. A lot of moms forget it in the middle of chaos, but it’s always lovely to have mascara and lip gloss handy, in case you get some surprise guests!

I recommend that you pack a lip balm stick, too. Labour gets the body dry, which may get your lips chapped.

No one needs a pair of chapped lips while taking care of a newborn, so make sure to apply it every once in a while to keep hydrated.

Water Spray

Labour causes you to sweat a lot, especially around your neck and face. Having a water spray bottle is always useful to help you lower your body temperature.

You can also accompany it with a sponge so that you can apply cool water to your forehead too.

You can assign a member of your family to the spray bottle, so it’s his mission to keep you hydrated throughout the process. Or, you can just ask the nurse to do it.

Sleep Tools

Hospitals aren’t the most comfortable place to sleep. You’ll likely have nurses going in and out. That’s aside from your family, who’ll want to be the first one to see the little munchkin.

That’s why your sleep tools should guard you: A pair of earplugs and an eye mask.

You’ll make use of them before and after delivery, and you may even need them during labor to help you relax.


On your first night in the hospital, you’ll likely need to breastfeed, and you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible.

You can achieve both quickly if you pack the right nightgown. Choose one with a front opening for breastfeeding, and pick a relaxed, loose material.


Needless to say that your packed underwear needs to be large enough to fit over maternity pads. It also needs to be soft and comfortable. Don’t take underwear with sharp seams; it’ll irritate your skin, which we’re trying to avoid.

Along with the underwear, don’t forget to pack your nursing and regular bras.

Maternal Pads

All hospitals provide maternity pads, but you may need to pack some extra ones just in case.

Excessive bleeding is entirely normal right after giving birth. In the first couple of days, you may need to change these pads every two hours, so it’s always useful to have extras.

Just make sure you get maternity pads instead of standard ones. They’re much softer and more efficient when it comes to absorbing.


Your toiletries need a checklist on their own. You’ll need to pack a hairbrush, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, hair ties, hair clips, and tissues. You can also take a hairdryer if you don’t like sitting with wet hair.

On top of those items, packing a plastic bag for laundry will be useful. Not all hospitals provide those, and you’ll need a separate bag for dirty clothes.


Women who go through long labor need a lot of snacks to munch on. If you tend to eat a lot when stressed, you’ll want to dedicate a large part of your bag to the snacks.

If you’re wondering what snacks to bring to the hospital, you can talk to your doctor about that.

There are some foods and drinks you won’t be allowed to consume during labor, so it’s better to clear that with a specialist before packing.

Reference Books

If you’ve been to prenatal classes and you have a couple of reference books from them, make sure to pack them on your birth trip.

They’ll have some handy notes and info that you may need to take a look at. They’ll also keep you entertained during labor.

For Your Baby

Now that we have covered what to pack in the hospital bag for birth, we need to pack the baby’s items! Newborns are tiny, but their details aren’t! Here’s a brief checklist of every item they’ll need.


Do you know these bodysuits that babies look adorable in? Yes, you’ll need those.

That being said, it’s always better to consult your doctor beforehand because hospitals have different policies when it comes to babies’ clothes.

Some hospitals provide every layer and piece of clothing the baby will need, and some don’t. Knowing that beforehand will give you a better idea of what to pack and what to leave.


Hospitals mostly give you baby blankets, but if you bought a special blankie for your baby and want it to be there during your birth, make sure to pack it.

You’ll need it on the way back home, too, to keep the baby warm during the car ride.

Socks or Booties

Newborns get much colder than we do. Even if you’re giving birth in the summer, your baby will need socks or booties to keep his tiny legs warm. These will get especially in handy during skin-to-skin contact.

Welcome Home Outfit

You don’t want your baby to welcome his new home in hospital clothes, do you? That’s why you need to prepare an outfit for going home. Check the weather forecast and prepare the outfit accordingly.

Your baby will likely only need a pair of socks, a bodysuit, and a hat in the summer.

Meanwhile, in the colder months, you’ll need to pack a snowsuit, a jacket, and mittens, as well.

What Should You Not Pack in the Hospital Bag?

check list of what not to pack in the hospital bag

Along with the things you should pack, there are a lot of things that you shouldn’t.

A lot of moms like to pack everything around them, just in case. One of my friends took a sandwich maker to the hospital! However, packing many items would be unnecessary, and you don’t need all the extra luggage.

Here are some things you should leave out of your hospital bag.

Diapers and Wipes

If you’re asking ‘how many diapers should I bring to the hospital?’ again, I’m telling you not to. The hospital will provide a lot of them, along with wipes.

Some moms carry an extra empty bag to pack all the free items they get from the hospital. I’d say that’s more useful than packing unnecessary diapers.

A Lot of Baby Outfits

All moms on the verge of giving birth will want to pack all the cute outfits they got for the baby. Although I understand the need to do that, I recommend against it.

Packing two or three items will be enough for the hospital visits and the trip back home.

If you pack many outfits, you’ll be confused and you probably won’t use all of them. When it comes to hospital bags, packing light is always the better option.

Just make sure you pack an onesie that won’t irritate the baby’s belly button stump. They can get fussy when this happens.

Curling Iron

All moms want to look pretty after going through labor; that’s a fact. However, a curling iron isn’t the answer.

You won’t have the time to use it, and you’ll need a lot of rest in the first few days, so it’s better to dedicate your free time to that.

You can pack a hairdryer and dry your hair to make it look presentable, but packing a curling iron is an extra mile you shouldn’t go.

Baby Toys

Some enthusiastic mothers pack baby toys on their way to the hospital, but that’s pretty unnecessary. Newborn babies have no interest whatsoever in toys.

They’ll still be getting used to having eyes! So, anything that dangles or shakes in front of them will do nothing. Leave that for the next few months.

White Clothes

When it comes to giving birth, white clothes are a no-no! Remember that you’re expected to keep bleeding for some days after you give birth.

Having a white dress or pair of pants on will be extremely inconvenient in this situation. Stick to dark colors instead.

That applies to the baby’s clothes, as well. The first few days will be close to chaos, as both you and the baby are getting used to the new lifestyle. Don’t pack an onesie that’ll get dirty when anyone touches it.

Dressy Clothes

If you’re thinking of taking a dressy outfit for your post-birth stay at the hospital, that’s a big no.

Dressy clothes are typically uncomfortable. You’ll need the loosest, most comfortable clothes you can get your hands on.

Plus, if you’re going to give birth through a c-section, you’ll want an extremely smooth material to avoid irritating your surgical stitches.

There’s also the fact that dressy clothes are expensive, and you’ll be bleeding a lot. You don’t want to ruin your favorite silky blouse on your birth trip. Not to mention that your baby may express his love through spitting on your clothes!

Just pack normal, comfy clothes and keep the dressy outfits for later.

HD Camera

Most mothers make sure to buy a fancy video camera to document the best moments in the hospital. However, all you’ll want after giving birth is to cuddle your baby, feed him, and relax. You won’t be in the mood to pose to a camera.

For documentation, you can use your smartphone for videos and pictures. Packing a full-blown video camera just seems too much when you’ll likely not need it.

How Long Do You Stay in the Hospital After Giving Birth?

How Long Do You Stay in the Hospital After Giving Birth

After you got your answer to the ‘how many diapers should I bring to the hospital’ question, there are some other questions to answer!

How long you should stay in the hospital depends on your method of giving birth.

After a smooth vaginal birth, mothers usually need to stay in the hospital for one or two days maximum.

Some women will want to go home after only one day but believe me; you’ll need all the rest you can get.

Your body needs to relax after pushing a full baby out, and you’ll need to wait for the anesthesia’s effect to wear off. Plus, the doctor may want to monitor your baby for the first few hours.

As for mothers who go through a cesarean, they need to stick around in the hospital for two or four days maximum. That’s in case the surgery went smooth without complications.

After you give birth, you’ll highly appreciate these days at the hospital! Your baby will be well-taken care of, and you’ll have all the support you need.

What Do Hospitals Give New Moms?

It depends on each hospital’s policy, but all hospitals offer free items nevertheless. And it’s always wise to make use of those!

The things you’ll most likely get at the hospital are as follows:

When Should You Pack Your Hospital Bag?

You don’t want to leave packing your bag to the last minute. It’s better to have it ready a few weeks before your expected due date, in case anything happens and you have to give birth early.

Of course, you’ll need to leave some items for the last minute because you’ll be actually using them, such as your toothbrush and mobile charger. However, I’m talking about the things that you won’t be needing until birth.

I’d say around the 32nd or 35th week is perfect for your bag to be ready. So, you can start packing when you mark the beginning of your third trimester.

How Many Diapers Should I Bring to the Hospital? The Final Verdict

Well, I guess you won’t be asking ‘how many diapers should I bring to the hospital’ anymore!

I hope my comprehensive hospital bag checklist above helped you determine the items you’ll need. Don’t worry; all the items you and your baby may possibly need are included in the list.

You don’t need to stress yourself out. Everything will go fine and smoothly, as long as your bag is ready by the door!

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August Caplette

Monday 26th of December 2022

I feel like you should just tell us how many diapers. What if we prefer a certain brand. The hospital only Carrie’s HUGGIES and nothing else.

Clara Johnson

Monday 26th of December 2022

That's a great point, August! It's true that the hospital will only provide Huggies diapers, and if you prefer another brand, you may want to consider bringing your own. It's important to keep in mind that a newborn baby will go through 8-12 diapers per day, so it's best to bring enough to last until they're discharged.

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